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At Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness, we make it our priority to help you accomplish all of your fitness goals. In our new, top-of-the-line facility, our world renowned instructors personalize every class to meet the needs of each individual. We believe that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is much more than just a martial art or self-defense system. Our classes will help you build confidence, develop a positive attitude, and instill lessons that are applicable in every aspect of your life. Men, women, and children as young as 4 yrs. old can all benefit greatly from beginning their journey at our academy. Located conveniently on Wilshire Blvd and Highland in Los Angeles


“Once I started training at Cobrinha BJJ, I feel as though I’ve transformed from a competitive blue belt to someone who is training to be a world champion. My overall fitness level has improved a ton, but...

“There are so many benefits to training at Cobrinha’s that I can’t even begin to name them all. I’m a better fighter and my physical fitness has greatly improved. I feel stronger than I ever have, but...
Levon Alexanian

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Your Inner Champion At Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has been proven, when used properly, to be an effective method for dealing with bigger and stronger opponents and has become increasingly popular due in part to its great success and popularity in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). A student can train in BJJ for self-defense, sport jiu-jitsu (and submission grappling) and mixed martial arts competition. It has found its way into the training regimen of nearly every successful martial artist worldwide. At our academy, you will find:

  • A Fundamental Program personalized specifically for you.

  • A safe and friendly training environment.

  • A variety of classes available all day for all levels.

  • The opportunity to learn from a world famous martial artist!

  • World Class Instruction and supervision in our kid's program.

Learn from average amateur instructors with no real experience in the field. World Class Instruction under the direction of globally recognized Jiu-Jitsu champion, Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles.
Spend hours learning forms and techniques that have no practicality in fighting or competition. Learn the system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that made ‘Cobrinha’ a Multiple World Champion!
No structured ranking system or detailed curriculum according to level of experience. Traditional, organized ranking system providing a specialized curriculum for all levels.
Old and worn mats and equipment that are rarely cleaned or disinfected. Brand new mats and equipment that are cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day.
Train and spar with low ranked students who offer misguided advice. Spar with beginners and advanced alike. Our students range from White belts looking to get in shape to Black Belt World Champion Competitors.


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Cobrinha the Teacher, the Mentor, the Role Model ~ Cobrinha como professor, mentor, e modelo a ser seguido

Cobrinha’s list of medals and championships is one that draws respect from the whole BJJ community, and rightfully so. An 8x world champion, 4x pan am champion, and current ADCC champion he has accomplished more than most have ever done in the sport. While his performances in competition are impressive I want to focus on who Cobrinha is outside of competition. I want to focus on Cobrinha the teacher, Cobrinha the mentor, the Cobrinha that...


ADCC 2015 Under 66 Kg Division Preview / ADCC 2015 Categoria 66 Kg

This year Cobrinha will defend his ADCC title in his home country of Brazil. He won the title in 2013, in Beijing, in his 3rd appearance at this prestigious tournament after being defeated in the finals of his first two appearances by points. Knowing that the ADCC title was the only major title he had not won he came in to the 2013 tournament determined to achieve his goal of taking home ADCC gold. With his never give up attitude he was able...


Cobrinha European Camp


September 14, 2014

Alliance San Carlos, CA