After Thoughts Series


After Thoughts is a bi-monthly web series posted to the CobrinhaBJJ YouTube channel that features different students from the academy. After Thoughts gives the viewer an inside look into the thought process of the student as they provide a commentary for the roll.


Episode 11: Black Belt Paul Schon

On this episode of After Thoughts we sit down with Paul Schon to hear his commentary over a roll with long time training partner, Ben Kim. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a D-1 wrestler turned BJJ world champ’s perspective on his game!!

Episode 10: Orange/White Belt Jalen Fonacier

This week we have young Jalen Fonacier giving us his commentary over a roll we filmed in class. Jalen was a gold medalist in the gi at Kids Worlds in 2014 and 2015. He is the first of our very talented pool of kids that we plan to integrate into the show in the future!!

Episode 9: Purple Belt Rehan Muttalib

Dr. Rehan has been with Cobrinha pretty much since he arrived in Los Angeles from Atlanta and his game shows it. You’re sure to enjoy this episode as Rehan gives a great commentary over a clinic of guard passes and rolling back takes.

Episode 8: Purple Belt Erika Ontiveros

Erika is one of the best grapplers coming out of Mexico today. She has been training with Cobrinha now for 2 years and it is paying off in competition. She gives us a good look into her game as she commentates her roll with fellow purple belt Josh Sison.

Episode 7: Purple Belt Kennedy Maciel at IBJJf 2016 European Open

Kennedy gives a commentary over the last minute of his quarter final match where he scored a last second sweep for the win, and also over his match in the finals.

Episode 6: Black belt Jimmy Tang

Jimmy arrived at Cobrinha’s 3 years ago. He came in to the academy as a black belt already, so his commentary gives us a look into his game which is a hybrid of the old school game that he came in with and the new school game that is played here at Cobrinha’s.

Episode 5: Brown belt Karen Tran

Karen is a brown belt under Cobrinha. She has been training at CBJJ in Los Angeles for the past 5 years since her move from Australia. Although she does not compete consistently she has had success in competition including a gold medal at the Masters World Championshiops in 2014 at purple belt.

Episode 4: Brown belt Michael Carnes

Michael is the first of the big guys here at the academy to appear on the show. He was promoted this past year, in 2015, to brown belt after taking gold in the Master World Championships at purple belt. He is matched up with black belt, and fellow heavyweight competitor, Caio Malta.

Episode 3: Black belt Ram Ananda

Ram has been training at Cobrinha’s since he was a purple belt and has had a lot of success in his career as a competitor including a gold medal at Masters Worlds in the brown belt division. He gives a great look into the thought process behind the tricky and fluid game that he plays.

Episode 2: Blue belt Kennedy Maciel

Kennedy is a blue belt(now purple) and is an incredible competitor having taken gold in Gracie Nationals, American Nationals, and No-Gi Worlds in 2015. He is our first student to give a no-gi commentary.

Episode 1: Brown belt Isaac Doederlein

Isaac has been with Cobrinha since he was a purple belt. Now as a brown belt(now black) he has become one of the most exciting new up and comers of this generation of Jiu Jitsu. He gives us an inside look into the thought process behind his success.