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Maxim Fedorchak

Whereas BJJ fanatics everywhere recognize Professor Cobrinha as one of the most renowned BJJ competitors in the world, we have had the opportunity to also get to know him as the instructor of our son’s classes. From the very beginning, Professor Cobrinha and his team (Professor Fabbio, Coach Kennedy, et al.) have demonstrated their personal commitment to the development of every single one of their students regardless of age or belt level, and regardless of whether they are recreational or competitive athletes. They have created a culture in the academy where students and coaches show humility and mutual respect for one another without exception. The environment is a perfect blend of intense training and fun. It is always thrilling to watch the kids develop new skills, make improvements in their agility and coordination, and train so ardently without sacrificing the camaraderie and care they have for one another. We commute 1.5 hours each way to get to class simply because we feel that this is the best place for our child to receive training of this level. Professor Cobrinha and his team are more than coaches — they are role models who share in all the children’s successes and difficulties.Maxim